Data Samples

Data samples have been posted to assist users with accessing and understanding the data elements included in over-the-air MAP and SPaT messages. The messages are encoded per SAE J2735-201603 Standard. Each data sample file contains the encoded message payload in Hex and the validation result by using USDOT Connected Vehicles Message Validator. Sample of BSM payload and SRM payload are also provided as reference.

Check out the MAP View page for visualization of Test Bed MAP on Google Navigation View.

Data Sample
Cross-Street NameMAP Payload (size in bytes)SPaT Payload (size in bytes)
Medical Foundation Dr payload (811) Coming soon
Embarcadero Rd payload (1336) Coming soon
Churchill Ave payload (663) Coming soon
Serra St/Park Blvd payload (896) Coming soon
Stanford Ave payload (733) payload (114)
Cambridge Ave payload (828) payload (114)
S California Ave payload (945) payload (134)
Page Mill Rd payload (1284) payload (134)
Portage/Hansen payload (892) payload (114)
Matadero Ave payload (896) payload (105)
Curtner Ave payload (597) payload (76)
Ventura Ave payload (563) payload (105)
Los Robles Ave payload (1014) payload (134)
Maybell Ave payload (1008) payload (134)
W Charleston Ave payload (1299) payload (130)
Dinah CT payload (789) Coming soon
Los Altos Ave payload (909) Coming soon