Caltrans is working with California PATH to equip 20 more intersections along El Camino Real. The expanded Test Bed is about 7 miles long between Medical Foundation Dr in Palo Alto and Grant Rd in Mountain View. Check out the map of expended Test Bed.

The Test Bed expansion project was kicked off on March 14, 2019. Four intersections in the north of the current operational Test Bed will be equipped and up and running first, followed by another sixteen intersections in the south of the current Test Bed.

The over-the-air MAP messages contain the geometry of an intersection, including motorized vehicle lanes and pedestrian crosswalks, and connections between consecutive intersections. Check out Test Bed intersection mapping at Testbed MAP page.

The California Connected Vehicle Test Bed is now fully compliant with the latest USDOT Connected Vehicle Standards, both hardware and software.

  • PSID, transmission channel, and transmission rate of over-the-air messages are described in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Real-time Test Bed operational status is available at Testbed Status page.