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The table below shows the operational status of 16 intersections in the California CV Test Bed. The table shows the average V2I message rate measured at RSU over 10 seconds in messages per second or Hz, by intersection, type (e.g., MAP, SPaT, RTCM Corrections - RTCM, and BSM), and transmitting direction (e.g., outbound from RSU to OBU and inbound from OBU to RSU). An RSU may receive (inbound) MAP, SPaT, and RTCM from nearby RSUs. Message set definition is SAE J2735-201603. Please see the standardized message rate in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

V2I Message Rate (messages per second)
Cross-Street Name Outbound Rate Inbound Rate Last Update

This table is refreshed every second and message rates measured at RSUs are updated every 10 seconds. The font of Outbound Rate changes to red if the measured rate at the intersection differs from the standardized rate (e.g., 1Hz for MAP and 10Hz for SPaT). The last column gives the elapsed time in seconds since the last update was received from the corresponding intersection. The font changes to red if no updates for more than 60 seconds (one minute). Note that the 'Last Update' value is affected by the quality of the backhaul connections.